Behind the design


Zephyne is rooted in the notion of jewellery as a vessel of intimate and quiet companionship. Inspired by ancient odysseys and mythical stories, each Memento Jewellery is designed by Pan Sermsuk as a token of courage and a gilded fragment of memories that will accompany us on our daily adventure.

Zephyne’s Memento Jewellery was born in a place of self-doubt. Pan found companionship and quiet strength in between the pages of mythological stories. The tales of Persephone's transformation, Daphne's determination, and Circe's perseverance are among others that stay with Pan and give her quiet strength. Their odyssey, vulnerability and resilience have driven Pan to create her universe. Through the language of jewellery, each piece is forged as a memento of courage to guide her through the crossroads.

The narrative of ancient myths and memories is retold by Pan and transformed into tangible mementos. Each collection is a constellation of intricately crafted gold pieces that resemble gilded fragments from former civilisations and bygone eras. Informed by ancient artefacts, the imperfect textures and markings of olden relics are reimagined in contemporary silhouettes.

From Pan’s unpolished approach to jewellery design, each creation begins as a paper sculpture or a wax model. The delicate master is transformed into sterling silver mementos by our family-run casters. Each piece is carefully crafted to bring quiet strength and comfort in moments of self-doubt and uncertainty.

The Memento Jewellery is a micro museum of memories created to kindle dialogue and draw parallel through the narrative that connects us. Zephyne Jewellery is worn by kindred souls connected by the shared narrative of strength, vulnerability and companionship told through the language of jewellery.